Your Guide to Types of Watch Clasps

The amount that you should spend on a watch varies from person to person, but one thing remains consistent: you want to get the best bang for your buck. Understanding the types of watch clasps is the first step toward making this happen.

When you do, you’ll know how to choose one that best fits your style. More importantly, though, you’ll know how to fix yours when it breaks. Read on for a complete watch clasp guide!

Standard Clasps

Standard clasps have the appearance of the end of a fishing hook, but there is a small metal piece rather than an actual hook. It goes over a gap and fastens onto a pin on the other side of the band.

When this clasp breaks, it generally is a result of the pin being bent. You’ll need to eliminate the bend with a large screwdriver. Put the edge of the tool into the middle of the clasp, grab a hammer, and start pounding until the clasp is back in the right position.

Side Clasps

Side clasps are pretty old-school. They usually ‘break’ because people get them stuck shut and have no idea how to open watch clasp varieties properly.

Side clasps have an inner bar and an outer bar that need to align horizontally. Make sure that they’re both in place and tighten it. You can do this by holding it firmly and gently bending it.

Some people crack side clasps when attempting to fix them, at which point it’s best to replace it altogether. Talk to a professional about alternatives to side clasps when making your purchase.

Button Clasps

Button clasps have a rectangular box that opens up when you press a small button on the side. You can then remove the watch while it’s open. The clasp is fastened when you click the metal box closed again.

This is an extremely simple type of clasp that can malfunction due to dirt and grime buildup. Scrub the clasp down with a specialized cleaner and try to use it again.

If it doesn’t work, you may be contending with a broken spring. You probably will simply want to replace the clasp in these cases, but you can replace the spring if you’re dedicated.

Butterfly Clasps

Butterfly clasps are a classic watch accessory because they’re subtle and sophisticated. They’re just a buckle that fits around your wrist and snaps together. You can push two buttons on either side of the clasp to unlock it.

If this breaks, you’ll need to figure out which part is refusing to click. Check the hinges and see which one is malfunctioning. Once you identify it, you can fix it by pressing down on the metal strips within the mechanism.

Beyond the Types of Watch Clasps

Now you know the main types of watch clasps and how to repair them if they break. That means it’s time to learn more about watch maintenance, care, storage, and style.

Contact us with any questions that you still have about watch clasps. We’re happy to help you fix the one that you own or to assist you in selecting a new clasp or strap. We look forward to you reaching out!