3 Things You Can Do For Scratched Watch Face

Wearing a watch isn’t just showcasing a fashion accessory. Studies show that people who wear wristwatches are more conscientious and successful than those who don’t. 

If you fall into these ranks, it’s inevitable that you will eventually get a scratch on your watch face. Luckily, there are a few surefire ways to remove watch scratches and stay classy. Read on to learn how!

1. Use a Polishing Cloth

If you’re contending with a shallow watch scratch, people have long been able to remove it easily with a polishing cloth. This is a small piece of fabric that is filled with chemicals that can polish the watch. This is not the same as the soft cloth that you regularly use to eliminate smudges and dirt- it has a polishing effect to eliminate thin scratches on a watch face.

Polishing cloths are beneficial because they’re nowhere near as abrasive as alternative polishing methods. It won’t overpolish the glass or diamond casing, which means that the finish won’t rub off. If possible, using a polishing cloth is the preferred scratch elimination method.

2. Get Polishing Paste

Those who are fighting off a deep scratch may need something more abrasive than a polishing cloth. You can purchase paste made from the chemicals that a watch cloth contains. This paste is easy to use- all you need to do is apply a dab of paste to the scatch and begin buffing.

Move a soft cloth around the watch face in a circular motion. Do not use a polishing cloth, but instead use a regular cloth that you use to get fingerprints off the glass. Wipe all of the paste away when you have buffed the entire area firmly and repeat the process if the scratch is not gone.

While this process is easy, it’s annoying and can even damage the watch if done too frequently. Make sure that you get a soft cowhide storage case to keep your watch in when you aren’t using it. This will stop it from being jostled around and knocked off things while you’re sleeping or doing other things around the house.

3. Using Toothpaste to Remove Watch Scratches

If you don’t want to invest in special polishing paste, that is also alright. You can use toothpaste to polish shallower scratches from the face of your watch. Keep in mind, however, that this is not the #1 recommended way to fix a scratched watch, so it may be less effective.

Get rid of any dust with a soft cloth and protect the bezel with painter’s tape. Apply the toothpaste and buff it in the same way that you would a polishing paste. Assess the outcome, take the tape off your watch, and you’ll be good to go.

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Now that you have some tips on how to remove watch scratches, it’s time to learn more about caring for your favorite timepiece.

Contact us with any remaining questions you have about watch maintenance. We’re not only happy to give you the best tips and tricks for your individual situation, but we also will help you to find an affordable replacement if you are unable to fix the problem. We’re committed to ensuring that you look classy and elegant, so don’t hesitate to reach out.