Mav Mini Diamond Watch


Create a product description for a square Cubic Zirconia (CZ) diamond square watch. This 42mm quartz watch features a stainless steel case that’s 10mm in thickness, hardlex glass. push button clasp. Available in gold, silver, and rose gold.

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In the realm of horology, where time dances with elegance, there exists the Mav Mini—a captivating character in the grand narrative of Merakai Timepiece’s Jet Setter Collection. As the younger sibling to the illustrious Maverick Moissanite diamond watch, Mav Mini stands tall, each tick resonating with a strength that belies its compact 42mm square frame.

Mav Mini shares the same genetic elegance as Maverick, adorned with a mosaic of Cubic Zirconia (CZ) diamonds that sparkle like stars on a moonlit night. The stainless steel case, a robust 10mm thick, houses the heartbeat of precision—a quartz movement that orchestrates time’s ballet with finesse.

Yet, Mav Mini is not just a diminutive clone of its elder brother. No, it carries its own personality, a distinct flair that adds a unique charm to its character. The hardlex glass, a testament to resilience, guards against the whims of time, reflecting the resilience that runs deep in its veins.

In the world of Mav Mini and Maverick, choices unfold like chapters. The push-button clasp, a silent storyteller, secures the watch with a promise—an unspoken pact between time and the wearer. Gold, silver, or rose gold, each hue paints a different chapter, allowing one to choose the shade that resonates with their story.

Together, Mav Mini and Maverick grace the wrists of those who yearn for the exquisite tales spun by Merakai Timepiece. They are not just watches; they are protagonists in the adventures of the Jet Setter Collection, a symphony of elegance and precision.

As the sun sets on one chapter, another begins—a story told in the rhythmic cadence of ticks and tocks. Mav Mini, the spirited sibling, and Maverick, the seasoned sage, both etch their tales on the canvas of time, inviting the world to be part of the timeless journey that is Merakai Timepiece.

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Shock Resistant,Water Resistant,Anti-magnetic

Case Thickness


Band Width


Band Material Type

Stainless Steel

Case Shape


Dial Window Material Type


Dial Diameter


Water Resistance Depth


Clasp Type

Push Button Hidden Clasp

Band Length


Case Material

Stainless Steel




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